Mermaid Face and Portrait

9 02 2013

So nastasiawolf is a spriter on VXnet. She’s just starting out, but she’s made a ton of bases (centaurs, mermaids, and now a birdman I believe). You can check out her stuff here.

Anyways, she requested someone do a portrait of a mermaid, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Credits to Ookie for the base (correct me if that’s wrong), which I used for the lower body. Its pretty much a super simple edit of the Fortune Lady.

Also, I realize I haven’t posted recently (other than this one). Its cuz I’m waiting for my ReStaff’s to get released (I have 1 done for but I have my coming up on the 13th and another one releasing on the 18. And then working on my college portfolio is taking extreme amounts of time so I haven’t worked on any other resources (I have barely even started on my 18th release :P)

BUUT, on the bright side, I managed to look through my old photobucket and found these two really neat battlebacks!

I’ll probably make a mermaid battler some time since nastasia made a sprite and I have the portrait and a nice water battleback 😛




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