Chubby Sprite Base + Restaff 02/13

16 02 2013

So some of you may have seen Tkools two chubby characters or Pines massive collection of them. I wanted to make a chubby character for my own game, but then I couldn’t find a base at all online, so I decided to just work on top of the EB ones when it hit me! I’ll make the base!

And so, I present to you my chubby base sprite:

Chubby Base

And here’s my work in progress for the character I was making:

Chubby Char

Next up I’ll post what I made for Restaff (was originally gonna do this with Restaff, but then I’m posting now so might as well xP

So I decided to do some Anime Emoticons for this release:

Want to use these AND the default emoticons? ???nOBodY??? made a script to do that here
You can also check out Aindra’s Emoticons from a ReStaff release from a long long time ago here

Instructions on how to use here

I also submitted this old battlestart I made, since it has a dragon on it and it was chinese new year:

Finally, since VX is working on a community game, I made a sprite for ???nOBodY??? (We didn’t plan to help each other out. I guess its just karma xP)




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