Non-specific Update

13 03 2013

So I went to Hong Kong for a college interview with my top choice college…AND I GOT IN (too excited for drumroll)!!

Anyways, I spent most of my time working on my portfolio, so I didn’t really upload any of the resources I’ve worked on. So here’s an update with everything I’ve done!

Also, I managed to get in to a guest blog over at RMW! SUPER happy! Check it out here. It features a Satyr battler, portrait, and sprite that I made!

Anyways lets get into the resources! First up are a few boss sprites. I was talking to Thalzon, and he wanted me to make some sprites based off of his battlers. At first, it was just gonna be the machine, but then the Mudman had a similar base, so I made that too!

Then I have some more spritework. I had promised my good buddy Hyde that I’d do something for RM Coalition eventually, but never really lived up to that for the past two releases. But I have finally proven I am an honest fellow with a Star Wars sprite! Actually some guy posted a request for a Han Solo sprite a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone:

Finally, I have my very first tile! Some kind of futuristic projector. Hope you all like it!


Welp, that’s all! Restaff is on the 17th, and VXA is skipping March (though I’m very excited for the April release!)




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