Nin-Ken Doge Portrait and Face

7 06 2015

This one was a request that really interested me (the reference looked rly cool). Pine was already doing a sprite, so I just did the portrait. A battler wasn’t requested, but if there is need, I could make that as well! null null

Also I would like to give a shoutout to an old friend, eDeus. He didn’t do anything, but the grunge pattern on the coat is inspired by some of his old work. Haven’t seen him in a while but I wish him the best of luck


Rocker Sprite/Portrait/Battler Set

3 06 2015

Hey people. Its been a while, but here’s a Punk Rocker-esque character set, including portrait, sprite, and battler. Once again, I sort of refuse to do emotion for the portrait. I just really hate doing frames (I held off on doing sprite frames for so long on this guy)


I think I finally got the proportions correct on the face. Wanted it tilted up to look more cocky, but I may have overexaggerated on the foreshortening.

Non-specific Update

13 03 2013

So I went to Hong Kong for a college interview with my top choice college…AND I GOT IN (too excited for drumroll)!!

Anyways, I spent most of my time working on my portfolio, so I didn’t really upload any of the resources I’ve worked on. So here’s an update with everything I’ve done!

Also, I managed to get in to a guest blog over at RMW! SUPER happy! Check it out here. It features a Satyr battler, portrait, and sprite that I made!

Anyways lets get into the resources! First up are a few boss sprites. I was talking to Thalzon, and he wanted me to make some sprites based off of his battlers. At first, it was just gonna be the machine, but then the Mudman had a similar base, so I made that too!

Then I have some more spritework. I had promised my good buddy Hyde that I’d do something for RM Coalition eventually, but never really lived up to that for the past two releases. But I have finally proven I am an honest fellow with a Star Wars sprite! Actually some guy posted a request for a Han Solo sprite a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d kill 2 birds with 1 stone:

Finally, I have my very first tile! Some kind of futuristic projector. Hope you all like it!


Welp, that’s all! Restaff is on the 17th, and VXA is skipping March (though I’m very excited for the April release!)

VXA ReStaff Release

21 02 2013

Hey guys! So as you all know, February is the month of love (Valentine’s Day) and life (Chinese New Year). So then for this ReStaff release, the team decided to do something about hate and death: Horror Movies >:D

I can’t really repost the awesome Stock Image Kayden made, so you’ll have to head over the the VXA forums to check ’em out. I did make 2 coordinating battlers though!

FrankensteinMad Doctor

Its Dr. Frankenstein and his Monster 😀

Have fun!

Chubby Sprite Base + Restaff 02/13

16 02 2013

So some of you may have seen Tkools two chubby characters or Pines massive collection of them. I wanted to make a chubby character for my own game, but then I couldn’t find a base at all online, so I decided to just work on top of the EB ones when it hit me! I’ll make the base!

And so, I present to you my chubby base sprite:

Chubby Base

And here’s my work in progress for the character I was making:

Chubby Char

Next up I’ll post what I made for Restaff (was originally gonna do this with Restaff, but then I’m posting now so might as well xP

So I decided to do some Anime Emoticons for this release:

Want to use these AND the default emoticons? ???nOBodY??? made a script to do that here
You can also check out Aindra’s Emoticons from a ReStaff release from a long long time ago here

Instructions on how to use here

I also submitted this old battlestart I made, since it has a dragon on it and it was chinese new year:

Finally, since VX is working on a community game, I made a sprite for ???nOBodY??? (We didn’t plan to help each other out. I guess its just karma xP)

Mermaid Face and Portrait

9 02 2013

So nastasiawolf is a spriter on VXnet. She’s just starting out, but she’s made a ton of bases (centaurs, mermaids, and now a birdman I believe). You can check out her stuff here.

Anyways, she requested someone do a portrait of a mermaid, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Credits to Ookie for the base (correct me if that’s wrong), which I used for the lower body. Its pretty much a super simple edit of the Fortune Lady.

Also, I realize I haven’t posted recently (other than this one). Its cuz I’m waiting for my ReStaff’s to get released (I have 1 done for but I have my coming up on the 13th and another one releasing on the 18. And then working on my college portfolio is taking extreme amounts of time so I haven’t worked on any other resources (I have barely even started on my 18th release :P)

BUUT, on the bright side, I managed to look through my old photobucket and found these two really neat battlebacks!

I’ll probably make a mermaid battler some time since nastasia made a sprite and I have the portrait and a nice water battleback 😛

Spriting Guide 1: Outlining (aka Reisen get your double-deckers over here)

27 01 2013

First I’d like to say that the title is more of an inside joke between me, Reisen, and a few others…so ignore that xD (Basically this is a tutorial specifically for her, but I made it well off enough to be able to benefit everybody!

This tutorial is on outlining ONLY. I may do one on shading in the future (no planned release date on that, sorry). But other than that, I hope you guys can learn something from this:

Andinator’s Spriting Guide 1: Outlining (aka Reisen get your double deckers over here)