My ReStaff Releases

21 01 2013

Hey guys. So for those of you who don’t know, I’m a Resource Staff member at both and

I have been a bit hesitant to post them on my blog for a while, since I wasn’t sure if this was allowed, but after seeing Pine and Soruve do so on their own blogs, I guess its okay 😀 ReStaff: Barbarian Battler

(Matching Sprite found here) ReStaff: Army Seargeant Sprite , Flamingo (Don’t ask) and Demon Battler (I call him Bob)



First VXA Battler in a while

15 01 2013

So I haven’t really done an Ace Battler since the Gremlin, but here’s I go.

Its a steampunk sort of character. I got lazy with the legs and didn’t change them at all 😛

New Stuff

12 01 2013

Haven’t updated in since my trip to Hong Kong last month, not that it matters since no one really comes here xP. Anyways heres an update on stuff I’ve been working on:

Battler (Skeleton Battler to go with gameclover’s sprite):
Skeleton Battler

And Sprites:

Also, I’m now a member of the VXnet Resource Staff, so I actually made a few things for them this month, but I’m pretty sure I’m not allowed to redistribute them 😛

But here’s a link to the post (right now I have only contributed to the December Release. But I believe the January Release is on the 19th)

Space Stuff

10 12 2012

With the whole Modern/Futuristc Craze, I decided to do some space stuff:

Yoda SaberYoda No Saber

This is a Collab with the master artist eDeus. His Yoda portrait and other faces can be seen here

And like yesterday or something I made an Astronaut, so I guess that goes here too:

And here’s a version with a VXA Shadow:

VXA Style Gremlin

8 12 2012


Based on Scinaya’s Gremlin portrait, which can be seen here:

New Battlers

7 12 2012

Anebriate from Tales of the Drunken Paladin, Brock from Etherreal Gospel, and a Generic Minotaur

And then a special Christmas Gift:


24 02 2010

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